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All Part of the Process

Go get a drink. I’ll wait.

Cool. One of my favorite pieces that I’ve worked on recently is this Wonder Woman I drew up for my Aunt Janet. If you didn’t see me mention it on my FB page originally, my Aunt is a massive Wonder Woman fan, specifically the Lynda Carter show. I’ve drawn a few things for her in the past, but I really wanted to knock it out of the park for her when I sat down to start drawing.

For the most part, all of my “finished” art starts off as a sketch in my sketchbook. I don’t spend a ton of time at this stage since I’m just trying out the pose or composition. Sometimes I’ll spend a little bit of time tightening it up like I did here on this sketch. In fact, if you look closely, you can see that when I scanned in the sketch, I placed the stars on her briefs and tiara as a guide for later.

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