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So, What’s New?

Besides this brand new, fancy-shmancy site, you mean? Well, you’re reading the newest of the new with this blog. Hopefully it’ll quickly turn into the straw that stirs the drink around here. Talking or writing about art always seems kind of weird to me, but it’ll be a great way to see what I’m up to, catch my latest art, or anything that fits roughly between those two points.

Here’s a peek at the piece that I’m currently finishing up:

I can’t wait to share the entire piece as soon as the new owner receives it. Every once in awhile, I get a commission that’s for something that I’ve thought about drawing for a long time, either because of the character or the scene. This one has both going for it. I couldn’t believe my luck when the request came in. It was like someone had gone through my diary and read “What I’ve Always Wanted to Draw”. The only downside to that is that I’ve noticed I tend to take a little longer on those pieces than normal. Hopefully the extra love and attention shows through on the final page.